MDD Locate

How The System Works

Track the physical location of Keys and Vehicles in real-time

  1. Attach a MDD Locate Active Tracking Tag to any asset you want to track

  2. The MDD Locate Reader Network logs the location of all of your assets in real-time

  3. Identify the exact location of any asset via the MDD Locate Mobile App or Website

MDD Locate Equipment

  • MDD Tracking Tags get attached to anything you want to track

  • MDD Readers log the location of the MDD Tracking Tags

  • MDD Readers can be easily installed anywhere you need them:

    • Inside your dealership​

    • Outside in weather proof boxes on your lot / lots

    • Inside multi-level parking garages

    • Underground parking

    • Vendor locations

    • Anywhere you want visibility of your inventory

MDD Locate Features

Search, Geofences, Alerts, Reporting and Recon Tracking

Search the MDD Locate Mobile App or Website

  • Find any key or vehicle in seconds!

  • Automatically syncs with your inventory feed

  • All vehicle information provided including photos

  • Users can see the exact location on Google Maps

The MDD Locate Mobile App guides you to an assets location down to inches!


  1. Search for a vehicle in the Mobile App

  2. See the location of the vehicle and keys on Google Maps

  3. The Mobile App turns from Red to Yellow to Green as you get closer!

Geofences let you manage your inventory more effectively 


  • Create geofences in the MDD Locate software

  • Log every asset inside each geofence

  • Log an assets entry time, dwell time and exit time of each geofence

Create Alerts and get SMS Text or Email Notifications 


  • Key or vehicle movement or dwell Alerts

  • Location based Alerts

  • After hours movement Alerts

  • And more

MDD Locate Captures Inventory and Activity Data


  • Test drive logging, off property events, missing vehicles and keys

  • Asset interaction (who, what, when, where)

  • Historical movement logging

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Map Your Reconditioning Process in the MDD Locate Software


  • Build out your recon process step by step

  • Log time in each step

  • Automate recon efficiency reporting

  • Now Integrated with Rapid Recon software (separate subscription)

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It only takes 15 minutes to see how we can impact your business

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