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5 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Sales Talent in the Automotive Industry

Attracting and retaining top talent is at the top of the priority list for successful automotive dealerships across the U.S. Despite rising compensation for auto sales employees, better pay remains the number one reason for employee turnover. That only leaves one explanation: There must be more to the equation.

Here’s a look at 5 ways you can attract and retain top sales talent at your dealership:

Create a culture that is employee-centric

Many highly qualified job-seekers don’t consider auto dealerships because of popular misconceptions. They believe that taking a sales position will pigeonhole them into a stagnant position and keep them from advancing in their sales career. In most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Create an engaging company culture where you invest in your employees by way of professional development and mentorship programs. Give employees opportunities for advancement within the sales department and within your organization. When you advertise for available sales positions, highlight these growth opportunities to attract skilled and motivated prospects.

Advertise and operate from your core values

If you haven’t already, take time to clearly define your core values. Then, put wheels on those values by setting them as the backdrop to your day-to-day decision-making and weaving them into interactions with your employees. Keep things fun and hold engaging team-building sessions that reinforce your values.

Today’s top talent is increasingly interested in working for companies whose values align with their own. Proudly highlight your core values on your website, in your job postings and during all interviews.

Focus on your external-facing brand

As the automotive sales industry continues to battle the “stereotypical sleazy sales guy” image, managing your external brand couldn’t be more important. Top sales talent is searching for high-level, professional sales positions. Make sure your website is relevant, engaging and professional.

In your “Careers” section, discuss how your core values are the backbone of your organization, describe opportunities for training, growth and advancement for new hires and paint a vivid picture of your employee-centric culture. Include testimonials from members of your sales team to round out your hiring strategy.

Meet millennial expectations

Did you know that, by the year 2025, millennials and Generation Zers will comprise 65% of the workforce? Consequently, if you want to continue to attract top sales talent, you must make sure your dealership works diligently at meeting millennial and Gen Z expectations.

Millennials, a large percentage of today’s workforce, are busy raising families and seeking work-life balance at every turn. Attract highly qualified millennials to your dealership by accommodating this ideal. A few ideas? Offer a complimentary gym membership, flexible hours or an extra week of vacation each year.

One predominant trait of Gen Zers is their orientation towards technology. Utilize the latest apps and technology in your industry to streamline the sales process and remind your younger team members that you want to learn from them too! Get their input on what technology they think your dealership could integrate to operate even more seamlessly.

Invest in key and vehicle tracking with Mobile Dealer Data!

Speaking of tech, did you know that MDD offers an easy and affordable way to keep track of your dealership’s keys and vehicle locations both on and off the lot? Savvy sales talent will recognize the value of working more efficiently and effectively by taking back time they would normally spend tracking down keys and vehicles.

We can help you stay competitive and attract top sales talent in the automotive industry! Learn more about MDD’s real-time key tracking by contacting us here.

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