Helps Every Department

MDD Locate helps every Dealership function improve.  Take a look...

Locating Vehicles and Keys in a Second Makes Every Department Money!

  • Sales

    • Knowing exactly where vehicles and keys are allows employees handling incoming sales or internet leads to be more effective when talking to potential customers.  No more “let me check and call you back”.  

    • MDD Locate Dealers sell fresh vehicles faster because communication and visibility are better across the Sales and Reconditioning teams. When a customer calls or visits, salespeople can see where the car is and be more prepared to talk to that customer.  “I see it is over at our detail department”.

    • MDD Locate customers report that they save 30 minutes during the vehicle selection process. 

    • Eliminate customers standing at cars while your salespeople search for keys.

    • MDD Locate provides visibility to shared inventory between multiple display or storage lots.  Know exactly where a vehicle is located for fast and accurate retrieval.


  • Service

    • Increase Service throughput by quickly and efficiently locating and retrieving service vehicles.  Save 5 to 15 minutes per search.

    • Save 15 min or more during service delivery.

    • Be notified when a vehicle reaches a particular location such as the car wash or service-complete parking.

    • MDD Locate captures a historical log of everyone that has touched the customers vehicle while onsite at the Dealership.

    • Track test drives by service personnel.

    • Never lose a customer’s key again.


  • Inventory Management

    • With the MDD Locate geofencing capability the Dealer has visibility to vehicle counts by location.

    • Data points from MDD Locate can be used for any number of activities to be more informed about what is selling, what is sitting, or what needs further evaluation.

    • Dwell time queries can be an effective tool to identify vehicles that have not moved recently.  Use this tool to build lists for tire flat spots or dead batteries, or to identify vehicles that should be moved to increase sales traffic.

    • Lot moves are made simpler by quickly identifying the list of keys needed.

    • MDD Locate can quickly identify keys that are inadvertently left in vehicles or on the lot at the end of the workday, after a lot move, or after a snow removal day.


  • Alerts and Vehicle Security

    • The MDD Locate system supports Dealer specific Alerts that can be configured through user-defined admin tools.  Users subscribe to the Alerts that they need to be notified of and receive notification through Emails or SMS Text Messages.

    • Examples of Alerts:

      • After Hours Movement Alert

        • An Alert can be configured to show any vehicle/asset that moves or leaves the premises during a set time parameter such as after business hours.  The Alert is then subscribed to by each user that wants to receive the notification, and the user sets the notification type (text message, email or both) that they want to receive.

      • Off-Property Dwell Time (during work hours)

        • An Alert can be configured to show a vehicle that is off property for an extended period (1 hour as an example) to notify if a vehicle is gone on an extended test drive by a client or a service technician.

      • Monitor high-value inventory to know when it moves, and what user moved it.


  • Data / Reporting

    • The MDD Locate data can be used to generate reports such as:

      • Off property report

      • Test drive logging

      • Service test drive logging

      • Idle inventory report

      • Lost asset report

      • Asset interaction

      • Logs any user that moves an asset 

      • Reconditioning report

      • Time in step / location

      • Time from arrival to front line ready


  • Vehicle Reconditioning

    • Monitor reconditioning to reduce the Time to Line.

    • View exception reporting to identify when vehicles are not following a pre-set process, or when a process is taking more than the allotted time.

  • MDD Locate is fully integrated with Rapid Recon workflow software (separate subscription) to provide real-time physical location of the assets.


  • Floor Plan Audits

    • Speed up audits, saving time for the Dealer and the Auditor, by quickly identifying the location of all assets.

    • Auditors and Bankers will like having visibility to the assets they are floor planning.


Dealership Key Tracking


How many times every day do you or your employees fumble around trying to find the correct key while your prospective customer stands and waits?


With Mobile Dealer Data’s dealership key tracking service:


  • You always know where your keys are and who has them –  not just who checked them out!

  • You don’t have to worry if an employee accidentally takes a key home. We track vehicle keys on and off the property!

  • Saves you 10 minutes or more each time an employee, vendor or banker needs to find a key or vehicle .

  • You speed up vehicle selection and your increased efficiency allows you to show more vehicles.

Dealership Vehicle Tracking


Lost time searching for vehicles cost Auto Dealers lots of money!


In addition to all the benefits of dealership key tracking...


  • Our MDD Locate technology also allows you to see real-time test drive stats such as who has each vehicle, where they are and how long they’ve been on the road.

  • When any employee or vendor needs to find a vehicle, you can show them exactly where the vehicle is on Google Maps or Apple Maps including photos and vehicle details.

  • Our system allows you to easily run missing vehicle reports.

  • Our system is more cost-effective than any other vehicle tracking technology.


Recon Tracking


Fully integrated with Rapid Recon's work flow management software.


With Mobile Dealer Data’s Recon tracking, you can:


  • Map your vehicle reconditioning process step-by-step.

  • Leverage our MDD Locate technology and use the known location of your vehicles to automatically check them into and out of each reconditioning step.

  • See how long each vehicle spends in each reconditioning step including any down or idle time.

  • Relax. With our MDD Locate technology, there is no need to manually input any vehicle information. Everything is logged automatically! 

  • Do you use Rapid Recon?  MDD Locate technology is fully integrated with the Rapid Recon system!

  • Worry less! There is no way system information can be manipulated. 

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