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In real-time asset tracking for Auto Dealers

  • Built for Automotive Dealerships

  • Perfecting our system since 2014

  • Used by top performing Dealers

  • Proven ROI

  • Money back guarantee

  • Dealers make additional $35k or more per month using MDD Locate

Value For Every Department

MDD Locate has a positive impact for everyone at a Dealership...from prospective customers to the general manager.  Take a look!

Eliminate wasted time searching for vehicles and keys for:

  • Salespeople 

  • Service Technicians

  • Photographers

  • Vendors

  • Floor Plan Auditors

  • And most importantly Customers!

Put Mobile Dealer Data’s tracking system to work for you!

Cost Effective Solution

Less expensive and more accurate than GPS

MDD Locate

Vehicle and Key Tracking

Real-Time Physical Location

Vehicle and key tracking packages starting at $595 per month.  Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

Monthly From:




Fully Integrated with Rapid Recon

Rapid Recon customers can now take advantage of the MDD Locate and Rapid Recon integration.  All vehicle and key locations feed into the Rapid Recon software allowing for increased productivity and exception reporting.

Requires MDD Locate


Instant Return on Investment

MDD Locate has a positive impact on operations from day one

Average Monthly Savings of:

  • 100 hours during Vehicle Selection

  • 250 hours during Service Delivery

  • 260 hours in Reconditioning Efficiency

Adds to Monthly Bottom Line:

  • $20k through more Billable Hours in Service

  • $1,600 in Key Loss Reduction

  • Faster Vehicle Turns

Setting a New Standard

Dealership Key Control Systems

Dealerships report that Key, Vehicle, and Recon Tracking are a few of the biggest challenges they face.  Lost time searching for keys and cars drastically hurts the productivity of each department within the Dealership.  And few things are more unprofessional, time-consuming and frustrating than fumbling around trying to locate a key or car for a potential customer.

MDD Locate offers your Dealership the perfect solution to create a standout first impression and keep your sales, service and reconditioning process moving along efficiently.  MDD’s digital dealer key management marries technology and practicality into a solution that adds to your bottom line (through improved efficiency), saves money (no more lost keys), and increases customer satisfaction – a win-win-win for any dealership!

  • Proven to Eliminate Key Loss

  • Cost Effective Solution

  • Eliminate Wasted Time

  • Speed-up Vehicle Selection Process

  • Proven Return on Investment

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